According to representative of the Corporation, the award is as the proof for Duy Tan in perfecting, improving and creating new, modern, and feature-rich products.

On March 14 in Ho Chi Minh City, the Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Product held a ceremony to announce the title of high-quality Vietnamese Products voted by consumers with the theme "Journey to a green economy".

Representative of Duy Tan Plastics (middle) received the title "high-quality Vietnamese product” voted by consumers on March 14. Photo: Duy Tan

At the event, Ms. Vu Kim Hanh, President of the Association said that this year there were many new elements. After the pandemic, consumers had changed their habits. "They tighten their spending, they are very conservative and careful in shopping. From that, enterprises have to find a smart marketing way to make consumers believe in them and choose them," she said.

The event honored 519 enterprises with quality products voted by consumers in 2023. In which, Duy Tan Plastics was the unit that has received the title of High-Quality Vietnamese Product for 27 consecutive years.

The organizers added that this result is based on a rigorous working process. The results recorded more than 61,000 votes for enterprises, from direct survey at points of sale, direct survey to consumers taking place at the same time in cities under the central government which were the economic centers of the regions. Online survey to collect opinions and votes of consumers nationwide.

Also at the announcement ceremony, Duy Tan Plastics booth was selected by the organizers to introduce new products which were produced on modern and environmentally friendly lines with safe plastic materials for users, towards to the theme of the program "Journey to a green economy".

Duy Tan Plastics booth at the announcement ceremony with new products. Photo: Duy Tan

In 2021, Duy Tan Plastics merged 70% of shares into SCG Group (Thailand), specifically SCG Packaging (SCGP). "Not only the Vietnamese market and consumers, this merger is also a turning point for Duy Tan to expand its rigid plastic packaging business throughout ASEAN, and at the same time demonstrates the Corporation's cability to serve FMCG manufacturers and consumers in Vietnam", the representative of the Corporation shared.