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Public trash durable, beautiful and diverse sizes

In the context of increasing environmental pollution, waste management and collection becomes extremely important and needs to be put on top in environmental protection efforts. Public trash can not only become "savior" but also an effective solution to help maintain hygiene and build a green, clean and beautiful living environment. To help you understand more about this product line, Duy Tan will introduce details in the following article.

The common types of public waste bins

Public trash bins have closed lids and open caps

Most of the types of public waste bins are often equipped with lids or arches to prevent the odor from spreading out as well as adverse effects on the surrounding environment. In addition, the design of lids or arches also helps to limit insects to harass and keep the surrounding space clean and beautiful. This type of plastic trash is commonly used in outdoor locations, avoiding the garbage in direct contact with the sun and rain, thereby preventing the smell of garbage.

The trash bin has a closed lid, the lid is designed to easily open and close. When covered, the trash becomes discreet, not to let the odor spread to the outside environment. And the trash bin has an open cap, there will be a lid for users to conveniently throw rubbish. The upper part of the trash is tightly designed to keep the garbage from flying out.

Public rubbish and no wheels

Small -capacity public waste bins are usually not equipped with wheels as they can easily be raised or lowered. This makes it easy for managers to move the trash and reduce the risk of theft, especially in public areas such as parks. Instead of using large and susceptible trash bins, the Management Board often chooses small types of capacity such as 60L or 90L and fixed them directly on the ground to ensure safety and convenience.

As for the large types of trash bins from 120L, 240L, 1000L, usually designed with wheels. This makes it easy for people to easily collect large amounts of garbage and easily move them to the garbage gathering area. The wheels help save time and effort in moving garbage, while keeping the public space cleaner and more tidy.
Depending on the capacity and use requirements, public waste bins will be designed with appropriate features to meet all needs in managing waste and environmental protection.

Why is public trash durable, beautiful and diverse sizes?

Public trash is designed durable, beautiful and diverse in size thanks to the focus on the following factors:

Quality material

The public trash is usually made from materials such as HDPE (high-diteity polyethylene), composite, stainless steel or PP plastic (polypropylene). These materials are highly durable, withstand environmental and weather effects, help the trash to have a long service life and ensure stability in storing waste.

Rugged design

The public trash is designed with a solid, stable structure, so it can withstand mechanical effects such as impact, heavy force from lifting and moving. The firm design also helps avoid leaking waste out and maintains the surrounding environment.

Diverse colors and designs

The public trash is decorated with a variety of colors and designs, from regular boxes to special designs such as animals, fruits, or famous icons. The use of attractive colors and designs helps the trash become beautiful and harmonious with the surrounding space, contributing to creating a green, fresh and attractive living environment.

Multiple sizes

Public trash is produced with a variety of sizes and capacity, from small types such as 60L, 90L for areas such as parks or schools, to large types such as 120L, 240L, 1000L in public areas general. Diverse sizes help the trash to suit all needs and space used, and save storage area.

Prestigious waste bin supplier

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In Duy Tan, you will find many types of public trash to meet quality standards and durability. In addition, the company also has the ability to meet the need to buy large quantities of plastic trash from businesses, helping customers conveniently manage waste and maintain public environmental sanitation.

With a variety of designs and sizes, customers will easily choose the product suitable for the purpose of use and space used. Duy Tan Plastic Company is committed to providing quality, durable and reasonable public waste bins, helping customers to be satisfied and trust during use.


Thanks to the above factors, public trash has become an effective solution in managing waste, maintaining environmental sanitation and protecting the surrounding environment. The combination of durability, beauty and variety of sizes are important factors that help public trash into a useful and optimal tool in building a more sustainable and clean living environment.